New Digs, Same Farmhouse

Farmhouse Hemp's New Website

Let’s Talk About The Elephant In The Room...

You may have noticed some changes to our website. Typically, when changes like this occur, there are some questions: What do these changes mean for Farmhouse? Do these changes extend to the products you trust? Is Farmhouse growing? Did they sell out? 

So, let’s answer these questions flat out: this website change is merely cosmetic. Nothing will change when it comes to the quality and efficiency of your products; they have the same formulas as they did before. Yes, we are growing. No, we did not sell out. Like we said, new digs, same Farmhouse. 

We pride ourselves on being a simple, honest, and pure CBD company. We don’t do fluff, we avoid using industry jargon, and we’re always here to answer every question you have. As we grow, we keep these principles in mind. An aspect of growth for Farmhouse is recognizing when we’ve outgrown some elements of our company - our website was one of them. 

What does this new website do?

First, this website has a more user-friendly layout. From the moment you land on our website, it’s easy to navigate. Do you want to learn about CBD and check out our blog? Great, there’s a section for that on our new home page. Do you want to discover more information about your product? Perfect, it’s in a dropdown on the product page. Do you want to know what products are available and on sale? Excellent, our new shop page has a more transparent and concise layout. Our new site is more intuitive and allows you to scroll through our pages with ease. 

We invite everyone to reach out via email if they have questions, comments, or concerns about CBD or our products. However, the issue with emails is that it can take a little time to get a response. Our new live chat pop-up screen allows us to field your questions immediately. This will enable you to make the most informed decisions regarding CBD and your wellness. 

Last, we improved our checkout process. Our old checkout process would have a pop-up window that would appear when you were ready to checkout. It was a little irritating and led to some confusion. We did away with this. Now, when you are ready to checkout, you will land on a confirmation page. This confirmation lays out what you’re about to order. From there, you continue the checkout process and will receive an immediate confirmation email once your order is processed. 

This new streamlined site will provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information. 

The road ahead

We have high hopes for the future. As we grow and can devote more time to our website, we have some seriously awesome plans. 

Rewards Program

The first thing we want to implement is a rewards program. We value and appreciate every one of our customers. We read every name that comes across our order forms and we are so incredibly grateful for you all. Some of you have supported our small business from the beginning and continue to support us to this day; that’s why we want to implement a rewards program. This program will most likely give you points from every purchase so you can receive free Farmhouse products down the road.


We plan on implementing a subscription program. If you know that you go through a product regularly, no need to worry about reordering, we’ll keep your info safe and send you your products at your preferred cadence. This program will allow you to worry less about ordering and keep you focused on the well-being of you and yours.


Sometimes, before purchasing an item, you want to hear what others have to say. We intend to have a reviews section under each product so you can hear what others think about the product you are wanting to purchase. 

Sky’s the limit

As we move forward, we have more ideas we’ll be implementing on our website. We can’t wait to get there and hope you will join us for the adventure as we continue to grow and, with your help, hopefully we can make Farmhouse products more accessible to everyone. If you know someplace special where you could see Farmhouse Hemp in your town, let us know, we’d love to talk with them. 

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