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4 ways that Farmhouse Hemp is Greener than the rest

4 ways that Farmhouse Hemp is Greener than the rest

cbd sustainability

The Earth Day theme for this year is "Invest in our Planet". Everytime you purchase from Farmhouse Hemp you are truly investing in our planet because, when you support businesses that practice zero waste and sustainable operations, you are putting your dollars towards the health of the planet.

Here are 4 things that make Farmhouse Hemp Greener than the rest:

Our Rosin Extraction Process:

Our rosin extraction process sets us apart from the rest in that we use only heat & pressure to squeeze the cbd oil out of our organically grown hemp flower. Most of the CBD products that you find online and on the store shelves contain CBD that has been extracted using a solvent such ethanol, butane, propane, or carbon dioxide. At Farmhouse Hemp we keep our hemp oil intact from plant to product. We believe that disturbing the natural properties with a solvent will reduce the beneficial effects.


Putting our Biomass back to use:

As we said we take our hemp flower and squeeze the oil out of it. The leftovers after the oil has been extracted is called biomass. We are able to take our biomass and use it to help us produce our cbd pet drops creating a zero waste approach to our production.

Your standard cbd companies on the market have to dispose of their biomass as a hazardous waste since most cbd companies use some type of chemical to extract their cbd oil. Not us!!!! Just heat & pressure here at Farmhouse Hemp so our biomass is a usable material. What we can’t use, we compost here on the farm since it’s an organic matter.


Sustainable Packaging:

If you are a fan of our lip balm, we know most of you who have tried it are, you probably have noticed that they are in cardboard tubes. In fact, we try to package all of our products in bottles, jars, tins, and tubes that can be easily recycled. Our biggest goal when searching for packaging is to eliminate as much plastic as we can.


Sustainable Farming:

Since the beginning of our company, we have always supported small, organic farms. We want to know exactly where our hemp is grown and how it is grown. In fact, we control all aspects of our production from plant to product. We grow it, we process it in-house, we blend it, we bottle it, and then we have it third party tested before we send it off to our shops and customers.


Check out our packaging and our earth friendly products HERE.

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