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What is Extra Virgin CBD Oil?

What is Extra Virgin CBD Oil?

We wanted to start using a phrase that helped CBD curious knowledge seekers know that our process is more natural and can be compared mostly to olive oil production. The best of the best olive oil is extra virgin olive oil. It’s pure, not over processed, and no chemicals are used in the extraction. Our process is exactly the same!

At Farmhouse Hemp, we grow our organic hemp flower here onsite in Laporte, Colorado. After harvest we are able to take our hemp flower (the top buds of the plant) and squeeze the oils out. We use a rosin press to accomplish this. A rosin press is basically 2 metal plates that are slightly heated and the press uses tons of pressure to slowly close these plates and squeeze the oil directly out of the flower. We collect these natural oils by hand and blend them directly into our small batch products. 

This is what it looks like after we squeeze the oil directly from the hemp flower.

Picture of hemp rosin

Picture of Hemp Rosin


This process is labor intensive but completely worth the extra time and effort to keep chemicals off of our CBD oil. Chemical free CBD always; from step one to done!

So what’s the difference between solventless and extra virgin CBD oil? 

Unfortunately for consumers, CBD marketing professionals have figured out that you can claim a product to be “solventless” even when solvents were used in the process. If the solvent has been burned off or evaporated off of the plant material after processing then they can still claim it to be solventless.

Say What????

Here’s an example:

Many companies have turned to CO2 Extraction recently. During CO2 extraction, there are several steps in which the plant's natural state is degraded. First they put their hemp flower into a machine with CO2 and they cycle these together for several hours which helps the CO2 dissolve the cannabinoids and carry it to a separate chamber where the pressure is different so the cannabis components drop to the bottom and the CO2 rises and separates out to another tank. The cannabis extraction is then poured out of the machine. But they don’t stop there! The “sludge” (all the natural cannabis goodness) is processed with alcohol then processed some more to evaporate the alcohol off and to separate things such a chlorophyll out of the oil (which gives it its color). 

It's hard to find companies that are 100% transparent with their processes. They say they use C02 which when it comes to solvents is the best one to use but they don't stop their processing there. They wash it with alcohol in order to be able to collect it. Then the alcohol evaporates off. Then most of them start separating different components of it from there so it has no taste, no color, no THC, etc. All of these steps degrade the natural components of the plant and in our opinion degrade the natural health benefits of the hemp flower.

Just remember, at Farmhouse Hemp our goal is to keep our CBD oil as close to how it naturally occurs in the flower. That’s why we press the oil straight out of the flower. 

Extra Virgin CBD Oil is all about keeping all of the goodness together naturally; the lipids, chlorophyll, cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, THC etc., and all other fats & waxes that occur naturally in hemp flower, they are all still present in all of our products. 

Whole Plant for Whole Health Benefits. 

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