Pet Drops | Chicken Flavored

Pet Drops | Chicken Flavored

We’re pet people - and we made our Pet Drops with your furry friends in mind. A favorite among pets, vets, and guardians, these full-spectrum pet drops have three simple ingredients: organic MCT oil, natural chicken flavoring, and a special steam-distilled CBD extract.

That’s a fancy way of saying they taste like grass and chicken, which we all know is the creme de la creme of canine and feline cuisine. Jokes aside, our pets deserve the best and that’s exactly what they’ll get with our solventless pet drops.

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  • Pet under 25lbs? We recommend the 300mg, 1oz bottle
  • Pet over 25lbs? We recommend the 600mg, 2oz bottle
  • If your pet is new to CBD, we always recommend starting with small doses and building from there
  • We recommend administering your pet’s dose twice a day: one dose in the morning with breakfast and one at night with dinner
  • Apply drops directly onto food or give to pets orally (if giving orally, make sure dropper does not come in contact with pet’s mouth)
  • Pro tip: if your pet is a picky eater, you can rub our drops onto their ears

    • Farmhouse’s Organic & Steam-Distilled Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD
    • Organic MCT oil
    • Natural chicken flavoring

      • 300mg of Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin (1oz, 30 mL bottle)
      • 600mg of Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin (2oz, 60 mL bottle)
      • Made from Farmhouse Hemp’s blended full-spectrum rosin chips.
      • When not in use, store in a dark, dry place
      • Made in small batches and labeled with batch number for corresponding test results
      • Formulated with our in-house extracted Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin