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Elevating Massage Therapy with CBD

Elevating Massage Therapy with CBD

People schedule massages for a multitude of reasons. Whether it's for relaxation, to alleviate pain, improve circulation, enhance flexibility and range of motion, or reap mental health benefits like reduced anxiety and depression; massages offer a holistic approach to wellness. If you have ever had a massage then you can relate to the power of relaxation in massage. What about adding CBD to your massage session? Well, one massage therapist that we know from our hometown of Mobile, AL has been offering this to his clients for about a year now. We noticed that he was ordering often for his massage therapy practice so we decided to check in with him and see if he could share some insight on how he is integrating our products into his massages, what his clients think about it, and would he suggest it for other massage therapists.

Meet Ethan Crowell, Elevating Massage Therapy with CBD in Mobile, AL! Ethan is a Sports, Deep Tissue Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Sound Healer with over 15 years of experience. He has worked in clinical settings, recreational sports facilities, spa/yoga studio settings, and has experience working with a myriad of clients looking to improve their health & wellness goals and future.

Ethan shared with us that his goal is to help every client improve mobility, stress relief and pain management through balancing energy and cardio flow. 

Ethan offers clients the option to enhance their massage experience with Farmhouse Hemp's Massage Oil or Muscle Salve, amplifying the therapeutic effects of his treatments. When applied directly to the skin during a massage, CBD oil can interact with cannabinoid receptors in the body's endocannabinoid system, which is involved in regulating various physiological processes such as pain sensation, inflammation, and mood. This interaction may help to further relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and promote a deeper sense of calm and well-being during the massage session. For those seeking targeted relief from specific areas of discomfort or tension, incorporating CBD oil into the massage routine can be a natural and effective choice.

Recognizing the need for ongoing relief from inflammation and stress, Ethan offers Farmhouse Hemp products, providing clients with CBD hard candies and CBD rosin drops for daily support beyond the massage table.

But what's the verdict from Ethan's clients? It's resoundingly positive! From soothing sore muscles to calming anxious minds, clients rave about the benefits they experience with Farmhouse Hemp products.

Ethan's advocacy for CBD in massage therapy extends beyond his own practice. With unwavering conviction, he encourages fellow massage therapists, physical therapists, and medical professionals alike to embrace CBD as a powerful tool for themselves, their patients, and clients. In his eyes, integrating CBD into healthcare isn't just a fad—it could be a pivotal part of a holistic strategy for maximizing health benefits.

So, to all the massage therapists out there considering CBD: Ethan's advice is to embrace it. Not just for yourself, but for your clients' well-being. Find products that work, that are created with pure ingredients, and then it will be easy to share with your clients and welcome into your profession. Ethan started this journey by using Farmhouse Hemp products in his daily health routine and then integrating it into his profession and offering it to his clients.

Do you live in the Eastern Shore area of Alabama and want to connect with Ethan to learn more? You can find him at Full Circle Massage Therapy.

Full Circle Massage Therapy is the oldest Massage Therapy business in Mobile, AL started and owned by Denise Walker who is also one of the 1st Licensed Massage Therapist in Alabama and started the first School of Massage Therapy in Mobile in 1992.

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