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Simple: Letting Nature Do The Work

Simple: Letting Nature Do The Work

When we talk about the simplicity of our product, we’re primarily referring to our farming practices and how it relates to our product formulation.

We’re vertically integrated - not because it’s easy, it’s because we give a damn. 

Farmhouse Hemp is a seed-to-sale organization. From cultivation and extraction to formulation and packaging, we monitor, oversee, and control all levels of our process to ensure the efficacy of our products. Why? Because we’re hell-bent on providing the highest quality CBD products. 

High-quality starts at the source with our farming practices and strains. 

We work with two organic farms, one in Laporte, Colorado, and the other in Augusta, Wisconsin. In order to provide a consistent CBD product year-round, we have to ensure consistent cannabinoids, terpene profiles, and quality. If one of our crops gets seeded, hailed on, or is rendered unusable by mother nature, we can rely on our other farm’s crop to formulate our products. 

Before we plant our local, hand-picked clones in the ground we have the soil of both farms tested for growing viability and potential contamination. We do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, rather we choose to fertilize our plants with organic fish emulsion. 

Once we get the green light from our test results, we’re prepared to plant our organic clones. We’ve experimented with a variety of strains and found Wife and Cherry to be the most effective for our products. This comes down to their cannabinoid, terpene, and taste profiles. This is not a “set-it and forget-it process.” We seek the best genetics to provide our customers with the most unique cannabinoid and terpene profile possible.

When it comes time to formulate our products, we know we are working with a clean extract produced from simple farming practices. Our focus at this point is to only add ingredients that would enhance the efficacy of our product's intended purpose - we don’t just add something for the sake of adding it. For example, we add cayenne pepper and eucalyptus to our Recovery Salve. Cayenne and eucalyptus are proven ingredients to increase blood flow while helping to soothe muscles and ease joint pain. 

The right farming and formulation methods are critical to producing effective and powerful CBD products. The key to correct practices lies in simplicity.

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