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Pure: Solventless Extraction = Pure Products

Pure: Solventless Extraction = Pure Products

Before we get into what makes Farmhouse products pure, let’s all get on the same page about extracts and extraction methods

In order to formulate a CBD product, such as our Rosin Drops, Salves, or CBD Hard Candy, we have to extract the CBD oil from our hemp plants. Extraction methods differ across the CBD industry. Farmhouse’s rosin extraction method is fundamentally different from the industry standard of co2 or ethanol extraction. 

Our Rosin Tech extraction process is a mechanical extraction method. We take small batches of the top cola* from our organically grown hemp and utilize low heat and pressure to press the oil out - it’s as simple as that. The “extracting agent” is a warm metal plate that applies pressure to our hemp buds. The result is a solventless, chemical-free rosin that retains all aspects of the hemp plant. 

Our rosin tech method is vastly different from the industry standard of solvent extraction

Standard extraction practices utilize a chemical or “solvent” extraction process. These solvents could be co2, ethanol, butane, propane, or pentane. In order for this process to work the hemp must be ground up and placed into an extraction vessel, usually a large metal vat. These solvents are utilized with immense pressure to break down the plant’s trichomes and dissolve part of its material. Between the solvents and the method used to collect the CBD, parts of the plant are isolated thus taking away from its entourage effect.

This process is, for lack of a better term, gnarly. You’re left with material some folks in the industry colloquially refer to as crude - as in crude oil. These systems are complex, incredibly dangerous if not done correctly, and produce a hazardous byproduct. 

Rosin extraction is safe, solventless, and produces a compostable byproduct

One of the biggest reasons we decided to stay away from chemical extraction was because it can degrade the quality of hemp. Chemical extraction lowers the terpene and cannabinoid retention and ultimately, in our eyes, leaves you with an inferior CBD product. After the chemical extraction process is finished, the byproduct must be disposed of in a responsible manner. 

Rosin extraction retains the vast majority of the hemp plant’s cannabinoids and terpene profile. It’s a full-spectrum extract, every time. Once we’re finished extracting, we’re left with what is called a rosin chip - a flattened and compressed slate of hemp. From here, we actually take these chips and extract them a second time and use that extraction to formulate our pet drops.

Being that these chips are simply compressed hemp, we can toss them in the compost and don’t have to worry about creating waste.

At the end of the day, our rosin tech retains our product’s purity.

*Top cola refers to the top buds of the hemp plant. Usually, the buds at the top of the hemp plant are the most potent, while being rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

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